The Staff of the “Sentieri Gastronomici”

Ecco chi c'è "dietro le quinte", coloro che ogni giorno creano, organizzano e lavorano per rendere indimenticabili le vostre giornate sui Sentieri Gastronomici!


"Il Capo"

Chef, TV star and inventor of the Gastronomic Paths. He understood from the beginning that Piedmont could also be observed and tasted from different and unexplored perspectives, those of hidden places, of the authenticity of the people and of the typical products of this land. He believed in it and convinced everyone.


"La direttrice tecnica"

Technical director of the Gastronomic Trails and “pupa del Boss”, Stefania takes care of “tailoring” our tours to suit guests and maintaining commercial contacts with suppliers and customers and with her even the most demanding never leave unhappy! It never stops … she believed it too and continues to believe it!


"La comunicatrice"

She loves words, in fact she is chatty, but she especially loves to write, describe and propose beautiful things, such as the Gastronomic Paths … And this is what she does: she tells tours, places, stories, people and products with words and images and he does it because he believes in it, with words he will explain why!



Neat, precise, flawless. Nothing escapes her and everything must be in its place. Appointments, documents, contacts, numbers, everything is filed and in order … until only she touches him in the office !! Like all the staff, they believe in it a lot and for this reason they put their mental organization at the service of the Gastronomic Paths!


"La millenial"

She is the youngest of the staff and literally wallows in social media! It’s always all too old and out of date for her and it helps everyone to keep up with the times and sometimes feel like old folks! He soon started to believe it, he says it every day through his beloved social networks and it seems that he has no intention of quitting!


"Il logistico"

Punctuality is certainly not an optional and Ettore knows it. You arrive before the guests of the Gastronomic Paths and leave after, because everything must be ready and they must never feel alone! Transfers, set-ups, equipment, if there is a service to offer he is already there, ready and attentive! Obviously he also believes a lot!


"La Mascotte"

Cheerful and affectionate beyond all limits, even in difficult moments she helps everyone to keep the morale of the troop high! She demonstrates an almost disturbing intelligence that has repeatedly made us doubt her real canine nature … and according to everyone she believes it too!

Our Guides

pedalata in natura

Miravigne Bike

Guide Escursionistiche Ambientali

Siamo Stefania e Carlo, siamo arrivati in provincia di Asti per caso e qui abbiamo deciso di trasferirci per avviare un’attività ricettiva. Partendo da questo abbiamo da subito pensato di proporre un modo nuovo di vivere le vacanze nel territorio di Langhe e Monferrato

Giacomo Bergese

Guida Ambientale Escursionistica e Agronomo Forestale

Langarolo di nascita, frequento la montagna da quando io riesca a ricordare. Da qualche anno in meno coltivo una passione per il buon cibo ed il buon vino (per ovvie ragioni anagrafiche) e da quasi dieci anni mi occupo di accompagnamento in ambiente naturale; montano o collinare che sia.

Fabio Vigna

Fabio Vigna Guida Escursionistica

Guida Escursionistica Ambientale

Sono Fabio Vigna Guida Escursionistica Ambientale della Regione Piemonte. Nato e cresciuto tra le montagne della Valle Pellice ho coltivato fin da piccolo la passione per l’escursionismo. Crescendo mi sono dedicato all’alpinismo, che pratico ancora oggi, e all’escursionismo come guida

Arianna Rabino

Arianna Rabino Guida Escursionistica

Guida Escursionistica Ambientale

Arianna Rabino Guida Escursionistica Ambientale della Regione Piemonte Consigliere e Formatrice di 1° Livello LAGAP Dottoressa in Produzioni animali come Tecnico Faunistico Sono una professionista che ha la fortuna di fare della sua passione il suo lavoro.