Sentieri Gastronomici in Val Germanasca

The “Gastronomic Paths” have finally reached the mountains, the mountain of western Piedmont of the Occitan valleys, that of the wild valleys, which few know. We are in Val Germanasca, a large basin that includes the course of the Germanasca stream up to the confluence with the Chisone stream, at Pomaretto.

Formerly also called the Dark Valley, due to its difficulty of access, today the Germanasca Valley represents a ski destination of considerable importance, also thanks to the nearby Prali and the beauty of its landscapes and its views has captured in recent years many visitors, also fascinated by the Waldensian culture of its inhabitants and the interesting attractions of the place, such as the “Museum of the Diaconesses” and the Church of the Visitation in Vrocchi , in addition of course to traditional food and wine, made of simple, but incredibly natural and tasty ingredients and native wines, coming from a truly heroic agriculture.

Travel with us… in the mountains!