Neive is a small and charming village that owes its name to one of the first Roman families who settled here, gens Naevia. Divided partly high and low, it still maintains a historic center of great impact, characterized by picturesque ladles that intersect, forming a small and suggestive network of ladles. Neive Alta, between langa stone houses and red tiles leaning against each other, therefore offers a more than characteristic scenery of this area and, through its rich palaces and mansions that belonged to noble families of the past, fully describes its history. Today many of those palaces are home to famous wineries, such as the Casa dei Conti di Castelborgo.

Another point of considerable interest is the oldest house in Neive, namely Casa Cotto and the valuable Clock Tower, dating back to 1200. During our walks and rides we will get to know the alleys, vineyards and hills that form the extraordinary painting in which this small town is located, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in Italy.